Thursday, 7 May 2009


The final countdown...

It's the final 24 hours of manic cutting, sewing, tagging, bagging, ironing, labelling and packing. And waxing. Yep, waxing. I'm taking the holistic approach to preparing and have an appointment this morning to have my eyebrows shaped. I am confident this will increase my sales at least 200%. The stylist that I booked with was pleased that I am providing virgin brows for her to work with (the phrase 'grown wild' was used). If only she knew that I haven't had them professionally done since 2006. But nevermind, my source in the HMRC (who will remain nameless lest she get ostracised) has assured me that getting nice eyebrows is a business expense.

So no big long posts from me today, if you need a dose of my scintillating chat and wit, head over to the marvellous Nifty Knits's blog and read her interview with me. And then stay awhile and have a look around, because her blog is a lot of fun. Meerkats ahoy!


  1. Good luck - you will do brilliantly, especially with new neat eyebrows. Just don't use the Europe guys as role models for your hair.

  2. Go Girl!
    Have a great market and look forward to hearing all about it :-)

  3. Good luck!! May the eyebrows attract many many sales...

  4. Good luck! If only I new shaped eyebrows were the ticket to more sales, I woulda done it long ago. I've never had them done professionally, and normally can't even be bothered to do them myself *gasp*

  5. All the best! Enjoy many sales and lovely eyebrows!

  6. between the new eyebrows and the rockin' new money aprons you are sure to be the most stylish and well groomed vendor at the fair! have fun and hope you clean up!

  7. Hi Amanda! ... best of luck at your show this weekend! (I just tried to go over to your interview and see that the link has 2 "https" in it so it doesn't work...I got over there by removing the extra one.)

    Deborah (Margaret's sister)

  8. I will be singing that in my head all night now, der der der der, der-de-de-de-der!

    Hope the eyeborws are a winner and you have a great time at the fair.


    PS: word verification; REBLEYE!