Saturday, 9 May 2009


Good news, Bad news

Day two of my own personal hell the fair. Notice anything odd about this picture I took on my sojourn to get lunch? Last year, when it wasn't raining and / or freezing, this picture would have had tens of thousands of people in it. This picture has one person in it, and they are wearing a shirt indicating that they are one of the fair's workers.

As I remembered my camera, I thought I'd share some pictures of my space.

The full monty
My rail
My t-shirts
Me and Friend Sarah

Although a fiscal disaster, today wasn't all bad:
  • I got to hang out with Friend Sarah all day.
  • I overheard a lady saying 'Oh, it's Kitschy Coo' to her friend, like you would say 'Oh, it's Marks and Spencer'.
  • I saw not one, but two little girls wearing dresses that I made and sold last year.
  • I met a someone who reads my blog. It blew my mind.
  • I met a kindred spirit in one of the other sellers. She's also a North-American expat and has lived in Edinburgh for ten years. She's crafty. She likes cutting things out. She's shy. She stays up very late at night making things. She sent her Mom a picture of her hugging her guillotine to show her how much she loves it. Yay!


  1. God, how frustrating! Bad news - obviously financial disaster. Good news - you don't have to sew up a storm for your next fair. Your stall looks amazing. We are all so proud of you!!

  2. That sucks! I can't believe that there is literally no-one in that HUGE field.

    At least you'll not have any prep to do for the next fair.

    I love the way you were spoken about as though you were a high street name, I do that when I talk to my hubby about you / your clothes / your blog / Maias gift of a Cheerio, "You know, Amanda from Kitschy Coo..."

    Fingers crossed for sunday x x

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  4. oh your stall looks fantastic, so sorry the weather was not better for you. hugs x

  5. Well, your stall looks fantastic and you have enough to open a shop now! Mx

  6. *big hugs* and put whatever you have left on etsy and i will tell everybody i know to go buy their very own kitschycoo original...i know SO MANY moms who would just LOVE your stuff...

  7. aww sorry people didn't turn up but your stall looked amazing and i love your stuff.

  8. sorry to hear that the fair isn't going very well for you, at least you know there is a reason for not selling (if you know what I mean - that probably doesn't help you feel better - sorry) You stall does look really good though xxxx

  9. Oh no!! How awful for you. Where is this fair? Th weather here (Yorkshire) is overcast but dry. You've had some really bad luck there with the weather. I would negotiate with the people running the fair to get a free/discounted stall next year, to make up for the disaster of this year. :(

    Big hugs.

    Gemma x x

  10. Your stall looks great. Hopefully Sunday will be better. Admittedly London is a very long way south, but it is a nicer day today here, and how nice to meet a fan.

  11. Hopefully it's better today Amanda. Is it the Leith fair? If so, I drove past earlier and it looks busier today!

  12. Hope you had a better day today :)

  13. It's beyond words really when that happens. I remember holding the gazebo down as the wind tried to take it out to the north sea one year and then getting home to dry out all my stock. Maybe we are nuts, but we love being nuts doing what we love. You sound like some good stuff came out of the day too.

    I've added a link to you on my blog as only just found you and really like your blog.

    Lisa x

  14. Gutted, but some great happy thoughts you have anyway!

  15. So sorry Amanda. That really stinks. I'm sure you'll sell your stuff on Etsy or another craft fair. Just think of the jump you'll have on the next one.

    Teresa (munora)