Thursday, 10 September 2009


It's disguise time

Maia gave herself a goatee yesterday.

Even Jamie was disappointed in her.


  1. @nicky: I had just been writing addresses on envelopes with a permanent marker, went to the Post Office (Steven was home, I didn't leave them!) and when I came back she was like that. I just about died when I saw I'd left my permanent marker next to the computer but thank god it was just a washable one!

  2. Jamie really does look very long-suffering. You wait. One of my sons shaved part of his eyebrow off (trying to be a rapper) and the other one tried an entire wet-shave. ouch.

    both times in the care of a grandparent, I should add, not my fault oh no.

  3. Very funny! I wonder if Isla looked at your blog post today? She just decorated Calvin's face a few minutes ago. The first of many, I suspect..

  4. Did she do it herself without a mirror? It looks pretty good for a random act of vandalism :)