Saturday, 19 September 2009


Rock on Jacketfest

Another two jackets completed! The first is a beautiful big blossomed affair in tan, greens, browns and blues. I wasn't sure when I received the fabric that the size of the flowers would work for children's clothes because they're huge, but I love this coat.

It's single breasted with three buttons and....

It has a hood!

The other side is olive nylon / cotton blend. It's the first time I've used wadding (as opposed to the goretex microfleece I usually use for the interlining), and it sewed up so much easier than I thought.

Although it's a 3T/4T it's actually workable on Maia, although she did have a sweater on underneath) and I really like the look of the sleeves rolled up quite large.

The second jacket is a purple deer printed fabric, single breasted and with a peter pan collar. It's a very sweet print with light purple, turquoise and lilac deer, soft green trees and purple flowers on an aubergine background.

The other side is a deep purple twill with aubergine buttons. And just because I'm a show off you've been pestering me...

This little beauty won Britain Next Top Buttonhole this week.


  1. I LOVE them! Particularly the second one but they're both stunning.

  2. I'm loving the hooded coat! Just pondering on how many coats is too many coats for my 3 yr old......!!

  3. you say 'wadding' do you mean batting? or is it something else altogether?
    The coats are adorable- love the purple deer fabric and I'm a sucker for anything with a hood.

  4. ok so now i want all of the coats for lucy lol. quick lock up my paypal pmsl

  5. Lovely! and the button hole is a thing of beauty too:)

  6. Love them, especially the colours in the second one.

  7. why oh why? Either I need to #a have grandchildren or #b make my daughter 20 years younger. Where's my tardis knitting pattern...

  8. Steph - Rafferty Grey22 September 2009 at 12:22

    Ohhhhhhh, my heart skipped a beat at the deer coat. How much is it? Can I buy it?

  9. Perhaps more importantly, what size is it? Although I thinks Pheebs is about the same size as Maia.