Thursday, 3 September 2009


Trees and kimonos

I can't tell you how happy I was to track down more of this tree fabric. First time around I only bought two yards, and after making the matinee coat I was too heartsick to use what I had left. I couldn't find any more for almost a year, and then some popped up on Etsy and I snapped up all of it. Because I'm greedy like that.

One of my customers loves it too, and she wondered about making it into a kimono style dress. My other kimono pattern is for knit fabric, so I set about drafting a new pattern last night.

Obviously it can't slip over the head like the knit version, so it has a slit down the back. This one has a single button, but I would have put in a zipper if I wasn't totally sick of them after my bag and wallet making escapades.

So here I go again answering questions before you ask them... No, the pictures were not taken in the dead of night, my camera was struggling to cope with how freakin dreary it is here today. Yes, I need to open the sleeves up more. No, I totally wouldn't bribe her with a biscuit for four shots in the rain. Yes, Maia's new modelling stance is to raise her arms heavenwards like a weirdo. And, yes, she should be a hair model.


  1. Despite the lighting limitations (and yes I too am frustrated with the weather in edinburghthis week!!) the dress looks pretty good!! Love it...

  2. beautiful as always, don't blame you for snapping up the fabric its lush !!!

  3. you really do make lovely babies - as well as clothes :-)