Wednesday, 9 September 2009


Website Pop Quiz

Fourteen hours of straight editing, uploading, tweaking, deleting and coding of my website has driven me demented. So let's have a quiz to recap.

1)Which is harder to edit?
a. A Mr Site website
b. A Phd thesis on quantum physics, in Russian

2) True or False: Making changes within the editing function will go live when you make them.

3) Which takes longer?
a. Paint drying.
b. Manually clicking each item to move it's position up or down.

4) No matter how many times you retype your hyperlink, clicking on 'Hoodies' will take you where?
a. Hoodies.
b. A porn site.

5) A picture you are trying to upload keeps distorting. What do you do?
a. Cry.
b. Give your computer the finger.
c. Decide not to sell that item anymore. Too many bad memories.
d. All of the above

6) You have no choice but to update every single price and offer Free Shipping. Why?
a. Sometimes Mr Site does not add any postage anyway and you lose out.
b. Sometimes Mr Site levies a triple postage amount and you have to refund.
c. Both a and c.

Despite the sarcasm and griping, my website is back in business, and I think it's the best it's ever looked. There are still a couple of things I want to change / add, including a fabric gallery for custom orders, but I can't face it today. So please stop by and buy lots of things check out the new format and contents! Oh, and let me know if you find any crazy links.


  1. Looks good. What's the prize for the quiz? I'm sure I can get the answers right!

    PS no I know it's a "really bad day" quiz, not a real one.

  2. Oh I soooo know what you mean, it's a nightmare. Did you know that your website can look very different (as in horrible) depending what web browser people are using? And it can't be fixed .... grrrrrrr!!

  3. All looks good here - especially the rock star hoodie ;-)

    Shame I had to go and look through all the goodies again though (for my bank balances that is)....

  4. I share your pain! My website drives me nuts - yours is looking great though, worth all the stress!

  5. you know what you need? a small rodent to chase away the gremlins. preferably a small *knitted* rodent ;-)

    PS reminds me of editing listings in that online site, what's it called? f***s* ???

  6. Websites looking good, well worth the effort.