Monday, 21 September 2009


The Night Terror Coat

Remember the 'nightmare' coat? I'd like to revise that. In hindsight, it was not the 'nightmare' coat, it was the 'vaguely unsettling dream' coat where you kiss your boss or something. Because this is the nightmare coat:

Hmm, why are the arms so sticky-outey? Because I decided to make this coat with The Thickest Wadding In the World:

That's what it looked like while it was still inside out. Do you like how much it stands up by itself? Not pictured: broken pins, broken needles, broken dreams.

I know I said the other day that wadding was 'not that bad' to work with. I bare-faced lied. What I should have said was my lovely khaki fabric had wadding fused to it with another layer of lining fabric fused on the other side and this fabric / wadding sandwich was not too bad to work with. This magic fabric should have come with a warning: May cause delusions of grandeur because I totally thought proper wadding wouldn't be too much bother after that.

And it should have a second warning: Better buy all of the roll because we're never making anymore of this fabric ever. True story, I called the fabric shop and they have never seen this fabric / wadding sandwich before or since.

Despite the time and effort involved, I have to say that it's gorgeous. To compensate me for the fact that wadding is just plain creepy and I do not like it when it snags on my fingernails at all, it costs £2419.


  1. OK, true you're a nervous wreck and now need a manicure, but that is the most beautiful, dreamiest coat I have EVER seen!

  2. That is just gorgeous Amanda! Honest to goodness, how lovely!

  3. My favourite so far. Both sides are just gorgeous. LOVE the fabric. Thanks for your photoshop offer by the way - I'll prob be emailing you christmas eve to take you up on it!! x

  4. Lush! Plus you suffered creating it, which makes it art ;)

  5. I have just the nightmare child to wear that nightmare coat. Love it, sticky out arms and all

  6. What a steal. Only 2419 pounds
    *LOL* :D

  7. I'll take several please. (operative word=TAKE)