Saturday, 12 September 2009


Something cool, something clever, something random: Part two

Something cool:

I had my first sale on my relaunched website yesterday, one of these:

And not only that, when I was just about to share my excitement on Twitter, I saw this:

Double cool!

Something clever:

Steven brought home some chocolate buttons for the kids last night. I didn't want to open them because it was too close to bedtime. But Maia was pestering for a treat, I said she could have one if she went wee on the potty. She has never done this, she hates the toilet, she hates the potty. Despite being physically ready for potty training, she is resolutely against the concept. How smug I felt that those buttons wouldn't be opened. But with the specter of chocolate looming, she plopped herself on the potty and promptly deposited a capful of wee. And so a single button was given. Five minutes later, another capful of wee, another button. Five minutes later, another capful of wee, another button... And repeat four times. This little game of tiny wees and rewards was only cut short by bedtime. Clever little minx.

Something random:

Elton John tribute pic.


  1. We are big believers in bribing with chocolate in this house and Izzy very quickly got the same idea as Maia. She would squeeze out half a drop and then demand a reward of 5 choc buttons!! I'm taking it as a sign of huge intelligence that they are so clever!

  2. Oh she is clever. No flies on her. Looks like you are going to have to up the stakes when you start potty training :)
    Loving the glass too.

  3. Well done Maia!

    Jamie is rocking those specs isn't he? :)

  4. Found this cool fabric shop on etsy - if you need any fabric that is ....