Monday, 7 September 2009


Wishful thinking, toddler style

Here's a very short conversation I had with Jamie today. It probably could have been longer, but I found it too traumatising.

Jamie: When I'm bigger, I'm going to have a big bum!
Me: Maybe. It'll be bigger than now anyway.
Jamie: Big like yours?
Me: I actually have almost no bum. Just ask Daddy.
Jamie: When I'm bigger, I'm going to have lots of wee mans!
Me: I doubt it. You only ever have one, even when you're big.
Jamie: When I'm bigger, I'm going to have a big wee man! Just one!
Me: Well, you can live and dream.
Jamie: When I'm sleeping, I'm going to get big nipples!
Me: That would be weird. I'm going to make a coffee.

The End.


  1. Thank you for sharing x
    It really did make me laugh out loud x

  2. ha ha!
    my sons winkle has a personality and voice of it's very own - to be perfectly honest i'm sick and tired of it's boring conversations!

  3. That is very funny. Even made himself laugh!

  4. Aw dear love him:) My wee girl thinks that only big girls have nipples and little girls have "frankles". I have no idea where she gets this stuff!

  5. Aww bless his wee socks, I love kidisms

  6. Too, too funny.

    I was just telling my friends last week that I never thought I'd have to say 'Don't dry your arms on the wall and get your tongue out of there'

    Thank the gods for the comic relief.

  7. Rolf I just love littleones bless him ... x