Tuesday, 1 September 2009


More fabric deliciousness, plus me being peevish

My sister in law fell in love with one of 'Far, Far Away' fabrics from Heather Ross's collaboration with Kokka, and although it was extremely tricky to track down (in July anyway, I think it's available again) she managed to get a yard of this little beauty for me to make a dress for Isla:

I love Heather Ross fabrics. I adore them, I covet them, and now I've started to stockpile them (see my Underwater Sisters post). But it peeves me that they have such short runs that they illicit a fabric feeding frenzy and then become almost immediately unavailable. And then the lucky folk who do have some sell at a ridiculous prices. A yard of Camper Van fabric is currently selling for $52 on Etsy. I would have to cut out and use each van individually for that to be even remotely cost-effective. And does everyone remember the sadness I felt that I could never make another of these ones?

So I'd like to send out a big 'Yay' to Heather Ross for having awesome fabric, but a big 'Boo' for short runs. 'Tis a crime against fabric lovers. Anyone else have any crafting pet peeves?


  1. Not a fabric peeve at the minute but a yarn peeve. Why is it that the more expensive the ball, the more damn knots and joins it will contain and yet nasty cheapo acrylic can be perfect from one end to the other. Calling out to high end yarn companies everywhere. Up Your Game!

    Gorgeous fabric btw:)

  2. I'm in love with the latest line and wish I could have it by the bolt. Still have my bicycles...

  3. I get annoyed with stores like fabric.com who have a "button" for a group of fabric, which is made up of a few of the prints in that line. But almost every time when I click through, those prints are long gone.

    I'm also peeved by the lack of in person fabric options I have. I have Jo-Ann's and Hobby Lobby, but have to go quite a ways to get designer fabrics. And it seems that my local chain options seem to be cutting back on fabric and carrying more crafting items.

    And I wish sewing were more cost effective, it's an expensive "hobby". (And while we're venting our pet peeves, I would like a better word than "hobby." While I don't sew for a living, I don't sew because I have free time and can't find anything better to do. I sew because I have to. There are some days when the pull of creating something out of nothing is so great that the word "hobby" seems disrespectful at best, and insulting at worst.)

    *whew* Sorry about running on like that!

  4. I agree. And the difficulty of obtaining these things in the UK is moreso. Am currently bribing a friend in the states to buy me as much as he can of the Heather Ross mermaids whatever it's called that you have. He at least understands the difference between "wants" and "needs" when he asked how much fabric to get. Assuming he can get.